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  1. Wow, very impressive website! Your passion to unearth the details of Rock Point Park is admirable. It’s obvious that you put serious time and energy into your research. I usually check the headlines in the Beaver County Times each morning which is where I stumbled upon the link. Once I started, I couldn’t stop until I covered every inch of it! My husband and I have been members of the boat club for many years. It is without doubt a very beautiful place. I’d heard some stories about it but never in the detail revealed in the website.

    My sincere thanks to the entire team for their effort to uncover and share pieces of history that would otherwise be left buried in time. Truly enjoyable reading! I will forward the link to others with hope that it will eventually reach someone that can provide you with additional information.

    I look forward to learning more and perhaps becoming involved with contributing to this remarkable website.


  2. I have always wanted to visit this site as I have heard my father and mother talk about it years ago. I left Ellwood City 38 years ago but still return every year during the Labor Day holiday. This year I intend to visit this beautiful area.

  3. Just finished reading the Ledger and had to check out your website. Planning a trip to Rock Point with our neighbor who is 102! He still remembers Rock Point and early Ellwood. Keep up the GREAT work and informative site.

  4. This site is awesome! I have drove past RPBC for years on my way to work and never knew what existed beyond the dirt path!

  5. This is such a nice site. It is so sad something like this park couldn’t be revived. Thanks for your time and effort in putting this site together.

  6. Congratulations on a stunning and superb bit of work and research on Rock Point Park. I grew up in Ellwood 1942-1965 and was always fascinated about that place and the mystery and history of those old ruins. I remember my mother telling me what she had heard of it although she would have been too young, having been born in 1922. I once “trespassed” and went down there with a few buddies in the late 50s and we saw some of the old stone foundations. I also lived across Crescent Avenue from Mattie Kane, an elderly woman whom the Ledger interviewed in the 1980’s and she told how proud she was back in the early 1900s when she won the dance contest at Rock Point Park and “beat those Pittsburgh girls.”

    Your website brings it alive in every way, visually, historically, and emotionally. Makes you kind of think of what might have been and how Ellwood might have been different had the park survived. I have emailed news of your website to several friends so I hope its fame will spread.

    I am now a librarian in Greenwich, Connecticut but still follow news of Ellwood. Actually, I was Googling Rock Point Park when I stumbled upon your website. You have done all of us Ellwoodians a favor.

  7. Nice job with the website and research. Must have been a “labor of love.”
    My grandparents, Addison and Mabel Caldwell use to tell me stories about the Park. My grandmother was about age 94 when the Ledger interviewed her about the Park in the late 1980’s. She was about 94 at the time.

  8. This place is amazeing! I cant wait to explore itim36years old and never heard of it and lived in beaver county my whole life.These woods would make an awsome disc golf course! if you never heard of disc golf just check out the clubs website IT stands for pittsburgh flying disc society.the course at moraine state park is considerd the crown jewel of disc golf courses in the mid-atlantic and some say in the whole country. The pros just ramp and rave over it. this place i think could be the grandaddy of disc golf ! i understand u want to keep the land natural disc golf would not harm the woods.that was the big issue with moraine state park had with the idea.the only thing u leave behind u at moraine is your footsteps. we have a carry in carry out policy. the park will not tolarate litter bugs and our club dosent either.if litter happend there moraine would abolish our course .the park claims the disc golf course is one of the greatest gifts that ever happened there.any questions or comments email me at or the club at

  9. I work just down the river at Geneva College. Thanks for this great website and historical information.

  10. My father spoke of this park many times when I was a child, even though he never saw it operating (he was born in 1911). His parents went there many times. Dad & I once walked along the tracks from the Koppel Bridge to the park and I recall seeing what was left of the iron bridge across the Connie Creek. I have often wondered about the history of the area. Now, thanks to this website and the CCW making the area open to the public, I will be able to stoll through history and see this area for myself .
    You have done a wonderful job of compiling historical info about Rock Point Park. Thanks for a job well done.

  11. Bruce,
    Magnificent job with your Rock Point Park website. I have lived in EC my whole life and always wanted to learn more about the park. Recently, I drove down and walked around near the railroad bridge, and thought to myself, this doesn’t look all that big. I later went home and discovered your website, and realized just how vast the park was. The present day aerial view of the land, with the landmarks superimposed on it was a tremendous way to help me visualize the enormity of the Park. I plan on doing some more hiking and exploring in the future. Once again, “Wonderful Job”!
    Also, for the meet and greet on Aug 30th, where should you park? Up above on the Wampum Rd. and walk down? Or all the way down by the Creek? Please get back to me.

  12. Bruce.

    Sorry to hear of your decision to abandon the site. You did such a great job that lots of us who never knew the history and just where everything was located were astounded. I’m going to try to print what pictures I can of this site before it goes down. Thanks again for your wonderful piece of local history. It wa a pleasure to meet you and I will keep my hat to pass onto to my children.


  13. Sorry, I just wanted to thank you for a very professional site about an interesting era of Ellwood City history. Your time and effort have been well spent and it is a shame that more people didn’t participate in your efforts. Thanks for a great year! Jim

  14. Thanks Bob and Jim. I doubt that the Rock Point Park website will go away. It’s only the newsletter that won’t be available after some point. It piggybacks on the main site though, so I might just leave it here and not do any updates.

  15. Bruce,

    Thanks for all your hard work. I took my wife Lisa to the park today and we had a great time. I enjoyed showing her all of the locations and areas of note. Please keep up the good work. Sorry to see the newsletter going down but I hope you keep the web site running. I plan on using it in my Western Pa. History class that I teach at Lincoln High School in Ellwood.

    Thanks so much again,

    Rob Brough

  16. Hey Bruce, great site my wife Sandy and I would both like to thank you for all your hard work. Rock Point is one of our favorite ends when kayaking down the creek and we both love old tyme places and ruins like those found here. Please drop us a line next time you tour people around the park we’d be very interested in joining you. All the best in 2009.

  17. This site is wonderful, I am an Aide for Third Grade at Hartman School, Our class is doing a project about the history of Ellwood City. I have enjoyed sharing the info you have on this old park. The kids loved looking at the pics of the old buildings and the water ride. Sorry to hear the site will be closing. Thanks for the great insight. Jan. 14, 09

  18. This is a fantastic site. Even though the newsletter is shutting down I hope the website remains. This glimpse of local history is priceless. I will be visiting the park when the weather warms.

  19. Hi,

    I am the son-in-law of the owners of Rock Point Farm. I’d be interested in talking with you for a few minutes on ways to keep this site running. What a great site, it would be a shame to see it taken down.

    Please feel free to email me if you are interested in talking –


  20. This site was one of the things that really got me excited about the history of the general area. I had collected pictures of Ellwood City but seeing the fantastic job Bruce does here inspired me. To see the pictures of yesteryear compared to today is exciting. I have been looking forward all winter to go back down there to just walk around and soak it in. Thank you Bruce.

  21. Loved learning about the beautiful park. It does remind me of Cascade Park when I was younger. It also was a beautiful park. One thing that I did notice on the postcard section, that there was a water ride way ahead of time of today. It must have been a great place to visit and would love to see it as it is today.
    Thanks for the great website of great information.

  22. After visiting the park i have decided to create a 16 page booklet for my college graphic design project. I am from Conneautville PA, and herd about the park from a friend. We went to the park and explored all day. There was an old man that lives there and he came over and talked to us and told us about his experience growing up there. It was a wonderful way to spend the day.

  23. Great Job on this Site. I tried to collect some pictures of rock point when I planned on opening a restaurant in the area. I learned that Mr Nastis(Not sure of the spelling) who lives where the old nastis gas station and store is had many pictures I was going to scan them into my laptop but never got around to it. You might want to see it they are still available.

    Have you considered restoring it exactly as it was and reopening it as an amusment park again? I think that It would be a jewel in Ellwood City’s hat and I would be proud to help restore it in it’s entirety.

    There is a lot to be said about creating a respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life!

    I’m writing a book right now and a portion of it is set in the time frame of when this park was functioning. I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to use some of your research to make my storyline work.

    I appreciate all your hard work!

  24. I was looking at the postcards and photos and saw that the lower bridge was removed some time in the 1950’s. The very first time I was at the park was November or early December of 1957. The bridge was there at that visit and was not here later in the decade. Some of my Boy Scout friends from Troop 58 – North Side may remember more about it.

  25. Hi Bruce. I throughly enjoyed your wonderful site about Rock Point Park! When I was about 10 years old my dad John and his good friend Patsy Jeannette took me and my siblings out for a boat ride, entering from the Boat Club. When we got back we walked through the woods for hours seeking out remnants of the past park. I remember being amazed at the “Chutes” lagoon and how the stone wall/track was still there. It was so exciting hearing my dad and Patsy tell of what they had been told about the park, we didn’t want to leave! I always wanted to take my own children back through the park, but we never did go. Now that it is open again I think it will make a perfect fall excursion for my now grown kids and my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing all the information you so loving uncovered about this beautiful place.

  26. I have driven past the sign many times guessed it was an old park now in private hands. Just found this website today. Had no idea that it was open to the public. I live in Wampum, I don’t think many people know. I will visit the area in the next few days. Thanks for the site!

  27. Discovered the park on a Westmoreland Conservancy hike today. We were fortunate to run into two boat club members who were kind enough to show us around and point out where the old buildings and structures used to be. They highly recommended this site as a source of additional information. We had such a wonderful visit that we “stopped by” to take a look at your photographs and read the history of the park. What a wonderful collection of information that you have amassed. Thank you so much for sharing!

  28. My parents have always talked about the fabulous and nearly unbelievable Rock Point Park (RPP). I went to visit the area this morning, and was strangely moved by the colossal place this once was. There’s still magic in the air! I’m so grateful that the area is again accessible to the public, because it offers wonderful hiking so close to town.

    I ran into other hikers who found out about RPP on the internet, which led me to discover this wonderful website dedicated to preserving the memory of RPP. I especially was touched by the wonderful artifacts: green glass box, souvenir cups and vases. This place really DID exist! Thanks for all the work that you’ve done to keep the dream alive!

  29. Awesome site…I can’t wait to check out the park! Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work.

  30. As an avid nature enthusiast, my hikes through the years have led me to explore many an out of the way area of Chippewa, Beaver Falls, New Brighton, Koppel, Ellwood City, and so on. Often times, I have enjoyed walking along the Beaver River between New Brighton and Wampum, on both shorelines and along the railroad tracks. I always marvel at the many natural wonders to be glimpsed, from wildlife, to waterfalls, to impressive rock formations, to be found dotting this particular stretch of the river.

    While surveying old topography maps of the area, among them, one that you have pictured here on the sight, I noticed the reference to “Rock Point Park,” and while I had since then hiked the river more than once without conducting much research beyond ascertaining that such a said place did in fact exist, I hadn’t taken any specific interest in what I now know to have been a local treasure, and something well worth being informed about.

    I commend your work in making this information more readily available to the public! Imagine my surprise and thrill in discovering the wealth of knowledge and photos you have available concerning the location. I felt my flesh erupt in goosebumps when I saw the postcard views of what the park once looked like and was able to relate those images to those in my own head from having hiked past the area many times, completely unaware of the proud place that one provided a thrill to so many!

    As I continue to visit the area, which I am sure to do more often as my own interest grows, I will pass along any particularly worthwhile photos I happen to be fortunate enough to snap. Thank you again for all of the good work that was obviously put into this site, and for giving me renewed reason to make my occasional trek, now with an even greater sense of wonder!

    Benjamin E. Barr

  31. Thanks, Benjamin! We appreciate your kind remarks. And yes, we share the fascination with the old park, and love to imagine what used to be. Keep an eye out for updates on our facebook page (or if you’re not on facebook, let me know and I can send you an update directly) for planned tours of the park. It’s a lot of fun to explore and discover as we share knowledge of the area.

    All the best!

  32. I thought it also worth adding, after further exploring the website, specifically your contributors page and photo credits, that I am a cousin of Bob Barr. I had to laugh to know that I was looking at and admiring his photos, aware as I was of his interest in local history and scenery, without knowing that he had taken them until I saw the credits later.

    P.S. Bob, I already have made enjoyable use many times of your Map of Brady’s Run Park, and note that they use it in their own park pamphlet. I once tried something similar, but without success, in and around Third Hollow in New Brighton. Can we hope one day for a map of the Rock Point Park area, complete with approximate locations of where everything once stood, with GPS references?

  33. Love this site!! My step-dad Harold Schilling was care-taker here for years and we had the opportunity of enjoying all the scenic and tranquil beauty this landmark has to offer. My children have grown up with a greater appreciation of nature because of time time we spent there and we still visit from time to time.
    Sadly missed by all whom knew him is Merle Schilling. God Bless.

  34. What a beautiful site! Thank you for all the time and info you put into it!

  35. I just heard about the park yesterday by Pastor Hockenberry. I never heard of the place and I grew up in Ellwood City. My husband and I are serious hikers and we like to check out new places. I am sure this will be a place for us to go! I found all the information on the website very interesting and the photos too. My husband is a nature photographer and I know his camera will go with us. Thanks for all the work you done posting all the information.

  36. Wow! Just found out about Rock Point today while talking to Al DeSanzo about Buttermilk Falls. Can’t get out there right now, even though I’m chomping at the bit, due to a sprained ankle. We hope to check this area out as soon as I’m able.

    Thank you so much for all the information on this site!

  37. I used this website to help me write a scholarship essay on Ellwood City history. Thanks a bunch! I hope I get it.

  38. I am researching the history of the Matheny Inn, which belonged to my great, great, great grandfather Moses Matheny and his wife Hannah Nye Matheny.

    Late one night in the 1840s, a young man fell off of a canal boat near the Matheny Inn and pulled himself out of the water. Hannah gave him dry clothes, a warm meal and a place to sleep. He was so moved by the near-death experience that he quit the canal boat work and went home to continue his education. He later became the beloved President James Garfield, who then was assassinated while in office.

    I hope to visit Rock Point Nature Area to see where this heritage took place.

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  40. I want to thank you for all your research in to the area. You did a wonderful job, and I appreciate all the hard work that you did. This website is very nicely put together and very informative. I love local history (born and raised in Aliquippa), and would love to do some serious research in to the old Aliquippa Park and it would be wonderful to have a website like this one for that reason. I hope to visit Rock Point soon! Thank you again!

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  42. Hi,
    You have a wonderful site. I live outside of New Brighton and had heard of this park.
    When I started collecting old post cards I saw what the park once looked like. So sad,
    just like what happened to the Morado Park. I don’t know of any one that has done anything
    to research that park like you have.
    Do interested folks still get together to hike around the site? I would really like to get together
    for a visit..
    Take Care,
    Rick Myers

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