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Saturday’s Tour

Nine "Friends of Rock Point Park" enjoyed touring the historic remains of the property yesterday. The sky was overcast, but fortunately the rain held off until we began the ride home. It was a bit breezy and the temperature was in the 50s; a perfect day for stomping around in the woods. We had a great time learning about the locations of most of the main features/structures of the park, and enjoyed each other’s company very much!

I think I heard a few chuckles when I announced at the end of the tour… "well, we’ve seen everything that wasn’t there!"

There were a number of friends who hoped to make it to Saturday’s tour but had prior commitments, so I’m planning another one on Saturday, April 26. I’ll post an announcement here on the newsletter, and send an email invitation to everyone on the mailing list. This will probably be the last historical tour of the season. Soon, the foliage will become dense and passage will become difficult. Also, the thorn-bushes and poison ivy will flourish and make some areas impassible. So, if you plan to visit the property this year, do it soon.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. We(my wife,daughter and myself) had a great time on Saturday’s tour. Walking around the “Park” and imagining all the activity that took place there so long ago is like a trip in a time machine. We are looking forward to many more times of returning to the past. Thanks, Bruce, for supplying the fuel for the time machine.
    Joe Cearfoss

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