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Historical Walking Tour

On Saturday, April 12, at 11:30 AM, Bruce will be leading a walking tour of Rock Point Park. It will cover the historical aspects of the park, including the locations of the rides and structures. The tour will be limited to 15 participants, and will be the first in a series of tours over the next few months. So, if this one fills up, we will schedule another tour as soon as possible.

Springtime is the best time to tour the park property because the foliage will be minimal, allowing for better viewing of the terrain and features. Plan on spending about 3 hours for the tour. We will be covering about 2 miles, so wear comfortable shoes with good gripping soles – a hiking shoe, or sturdy athletic shoe will do. Wear heavy trousers because the "jagger" bushes sometimes reach out for you, and wear layers of upper clothing, so you can shed a layer if it gets too warm.

The tour will mostly follow gravel roads and earthen pathways, but will occasionally head off-trail through the woods. The off-trail portions are fairly limited, and if anyone prefers to stay on the roads/pathways, they can remain there, and the tour will return to that point to rejoin them. The pace will be as slow as needed to accommodate everyone.

We will provide bottles of water, but you might want to bring some extra water, just in case. Don’t forget, there are no toilet facilities available, so please plan to arrive as "refreshed" as possible. Feel free to bring a snack, if you like.

We will meet in front of the Ellwood City Historical Society Museum building at 11:30. In order to take as few cars onto the property as possible, we will carpool from the meeting point over to the park (parking is very limited at the park). The park tour should begin at noon, and should finish by 3 PM. If anyone needs to leave the tour before it is completed, we will make sure they have transportation back to the museum.

If you have any questions, please email Bruce, or call him at 724-869-3370.

To "sign up" for the tour, please leave a comment on this newsletter article to reserve your spot. Just click the "(#) Comments" link immediately below.

4 Responses to “Historical Walking Tour”

  1. Sign me up plus a friend

  2. That’s great, Jean! I’ll look forward to seeing you again!

  3. I’ll be there and possibly my wife and daughter as well! Thanks.

  4. hello i was just researching your website and actually i have lived in park gate my whole life and i wanted to say your website is absolutely amazing but i have a question u show a woman named virginia that lives in park gate but i have never seen her i lived at 1790 w. lawrence ave in park gate up until a few months ago and never saw her.however i used to walk from park gate down the tracks to the wampum-ellwood trussel walk over that down the railroad tracks down through rock point acrossed rock point bridge up over the hill down through the park gate side rail road bed and one thing u seemed to have left out there is a railroad marker there right next to park gate playground(henry bazzichi playground) that reads W i thought u might wanna investigate into that. also another good place is the old railroad bridge….locals call it the dinky bridge but it connected the park gate side to the koppel side well thanks for your time ~*Trista anne Gebhardt*~

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