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How to use this website

One of the hopes I have for this Newsletter is that it would become a place for readers to have discussions about Rock Point Park. But, it occurred to me that some readers might not be familiar with article-based discussion, so I thought I’d post this brief tutorial to encourage folks to participate.

Each article on the Newsletter page has a section at the bottom that shows two links. One is the "category" link which when clicked builds a page of all the articles posted within that category(s). This is a helpful feature which helps you quickly find articles within a particular topic. You can also click on the links in the "Article Categories" section of the right-hand sidebar to achieve the same result.

By clicking the second link at the bottom of each article ("Leave a Comment" or "1 Comment" or "2 Comments", etc.), a new view will open showing the article, along with any comments posted by readers, as well. If there are no comments, you can be the first to leave one. If there are comments, you can read what other readers have said, and respond to their comment, or leave a new comment about the article. As folks begin leaving comments, a discussion will begin. These can be a lot of fun, and are often very informative.

If you would like to test the system to see how it works, feel free to leave a comment on this article.

Have fun!

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