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Your website viewing experience

Hello friends!

I’ve noticed from the Rock Point Park website statistics that there are a number of visitors viewing the site with lower resolution (800X600) screens. Unfortunately, this site was designed to be viewed in high resolution. It is optimized for 1280X1024. This setting will deliver the best viewing experience. Users with computers set at 1024X768 will have an acceptable experience, but users with monitors set at 800X600 will find it less than acceptable. Many areas will run together, or overlap, and it could be difficult to understand the information presented. I’m sorry about that. Being a website based on a high use of graphics and photos, a higher resolution is needed to deliver a quality presentation.

I do understand that visitors with vision problems might have their screen resolution set lower so that the images and text are larger. My sincere apologies to you. And I realize that some visitors might have older computers that don’t have the capability for higher resolutions (many public library computers fall into this group). My apologies to you, also. I do hope, though, that you’ll have a chance at some point to see the site in high resolution to have the best possible viewing experience.

Thank you, everyone, for visiting the Rock Point Park website. I appreciate your interest and passion for Rock Point. 


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