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Who is visiting?

I thought our readers might be interested in who is viewing the Rock Point Park website. Here is the visit log (by city) for the last 10 days. Note: many of these listings are based on the city in which the visitor’s Internet Service Provider is located, not the actual city where they reside. But, it […]

Question – the lower footbridge

It has been suggested that the lower footbridge across the Connoquenessing Creek (built 1887) might have been removed to another location at some point after the park closed. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? And if so, where was the bridge taken? And is there anything left of it? Thanks!

Website updates

I made it up to the property today to meet with one of our website contributors, and had an opportunity to take some new photos for the "how it looks now" feature seen on many of the old postcard photographs. Sorry, I wasn’t able to announce my visit ahead of time so that others could […]

Why it’s gone

Our friend, Bob Barr, sent in an interesting document, a 1922 Beaver Falls Tribune news release describing the leasing of the Rock Point property to the King’s Quarry Company. Sadly, the document describes the removal of practically all remaining Park buildings by the firm’s workers. Now we know why the land at Rock Point is nearly […]

Your website viewing experience

Hello friends! I’ve noticed from the Rock Point Park website statistics that there are a number of visitors viewing the site with lower resolution (800X600) screens. Unfortunately, this site was designed to be viewed in high resolution. It is optimized for 1280X1024. This setting will deliver the best viewing experience. Users with computers set at […]

New photo added to the “postcard” page

Our friend Tracie, of Ellwood CIty, kindly offered an old photo of her family’s reunion at Rock Point Park – 1909. The group photo was taken in front of the Peristyle, and offers a nice close-up look at the structure. Note the detail work, and the interior spaces with high arches and open areas at […]

You can have a RockPointPark email address – FREE!

If you would like to have a email address, let me know. I’m offering Rock Point Park News readers a free POP3 email account with the domain. Let me know what name you would like to have, and if it hasn’t already been taken, it’s yours! Your email address would look like "you" […]

Questions about Rock Point Park

I’ve added a category (see the right-hand sidebar) to the news page called "questions". I have a number of questions about the park that have gone unanswered, and wanted to ask our visitors’ help in providing answers. At any point, you can click on "questions" in the categories section and see all the questions posted. Also, […]