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1939 Aerial View of Rock Point

Thanks to one of our readers, I was able to find an aerial photograph of Rock Point Park from 1939. This is indeed very interesting! Click on the picture to enlarge. The original photo is located at Penn Pilot. You can view the entire photo here. Take a close look… see anything interesting? Let us […]

The Hole in the Water

One of our readers brought something very interesting to my attention. He said that he had always heard that there was a deep hole in the bottom of the Connoquenessing Creek a short way upstream from Rock Point. He described it as being situated just downstream from the upper footbridge (just below the first set of […]

Question – the lower footbridge

It has been suggested that the lower footbridge across the Connoquenessing Creek (built 1887) might have been removed to another location at some point after the park closed. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? And if so, where was the bridge taken? And is there anything left of it? Thanks!

Questions about Rock Point Park

I’ve added a category (see the right-hand sidebar) to the news page called "questions". I have a number of questions about the park that have gone unanswered, and wanted to ask our visitors’ help in providing answers. At any point, you can click on "questions" in the categories section and see all the questions posted. Also, […]

Question – Roller Coaster

If the roller coaster was built around 1890, and the swings and train were built later (maybe 1905), why to the postcard pictures of the swings and train not show the roller coaster too? Apparently, the coaster was built high off the ground (see the first Peristyle picture on the postcards page, where the coaster […]

Question – Shoot-the-Chutes

Does anyone know if passengers boarded the Shoot-the-Chutes ride at the bottom (lagoon area) and rode the boat up to the top, or did they pull the boats up empty and have the passengers board at the top of the "chute"? Also, did the boats travel down the "chute" on a cushion of water (it […]