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Historical Walking Tour

On Saturday, April 12, at 11:30 AM, Bruce will be leading a walking tour of Rock Point Park. It will cover the historical aspects of the park, including the locations of the rides and structures. The tour will be limited to 15 participants, and will be the first in a series of tours over the next few […]

Meeting Confirmation – Friday, March 28

Pat Shoaf, of the Ellwood City Historical Society, confirmed that we can meet at their facility on Friday, March 28. Thanks, Pat! As I mentioned previously, we thought it might be fun to have a short presentation about the location of the structures and features (including rides) of the park near its end in 1911. […]

Rock Point Park Meeting

Hello everyone! Sorry about not setting a date yet for the upcoming Rock Point Park Discussion Meeting. We were shooting for mid-March, but it looks like the most likely date could be March 28 (Friday). We should know more by early next week, but I didn’t want to leave everyone wondering what was going on. […]

1939 Aerial View of Rock Point

Thanks to one of our readers, I was able to find an aerial photograph of Rock Point Park from 1939. This is indeed very interesting! Click on the picture to enlarge. The original photo is located at Penn Pilot. You can view the entire photo here. Take a close look… see anything interesting? Let us […]

How to use this website

One of the hopes I have for this Newsletter is that it would become a place for readers to have discussions about Rock Point Park. But, it occurred to me that some readers might not be familiar with article-based discussion, so I thought I’d post this brief tutorial to encourage folks to participate. Each article […]

Modelers Needed!

A Rock Point Park Newsletter reader suggested that we think about building a scale model of the property as it appeared back in 1910. I think that is a wonderful idea! So, I’m seeking volunteers who have some expertise in scale-modeling. Maybe some architects and/or model railroaders will be interested in helping put this project […]

March Meeting

We are working with Pat Shoaf of the Ellwood City Historical Society to plan a Rock Point Park meeting for mid-March. Right now, we’re looking at Friday, March 14 or Friday, March 21 as possibilities. We are very grateful to the ECHS for allowing us the use of their facility for our meetings. For this meeting, we will […]


I would love to add everyone who attended last week’s Friends of Rock Point Park Meet & Greet at the Ellwood City Historical Society to the "Contributors" page.  Everyone who attended added to the conversation, and we all had a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other. I invite everyone who attended the meeting to send me an email […]